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The Creation Formula


On Tuesday, July 10th at noon Eastern time, we’re delighted to welcome Dee Wallace and Jarrad Hewett back to the show. Dee and Jarrad are always a blast either individually or together, so this week’s show is sure to delight.

Dee and Jarrad have been healing partners for almost a decade, and are two of the most sought after speakers, teachers, and channels on the planet.

Want to know how to transform your life? They’ll be discussing how you can make “creation,” in other words the process of getting what you want, fun and fast!

Dee and Jarrad are experts at working with energy. In fact, in their world everything is energy! Their latest teaching, “The Creation Formula,” which they discuss during this interview, represents the culmination of nearly two decades of experiential and spiritual research, surpassing every known modality of energy work they have ever seen.

What does this mean for you? If you want to learn more about how to work with your energy to create exactly what you want and to learn the latest teachings of Dee and Jarrad, be sure to join us for this show.

Listen live or download the episode and listen at your convenience.
or call (646) 929-1420 to talk with Dee and Jarrad during the live show.

Learn more about Dee and Jarrad by visiting their website at:

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